Sunday, June 20, 2010

CoffeeWithCalvin Goes on Vacation (sort of)

So my laptop died at just the wrong time.  This morning I am leaving with the GPC senior high youth group to go on a mission trip.  We are headed to the most appropriate place I can think of - The Calvin Center in Hampton, GA.  The last time we went, our group worked on two homes that were in need desperate need of repair and their owners could not afford to have the work done.

I was so prepared to work on Calvin while we are there.  I even bought a travel Keurig coffee maker to take so I can have good coffee while working on the blog.  I am still taking my copy of The Institutes and my work laptop with me.  I hope to still read and blog about Calvin, but with my work computer there are no guarantees.  It takes close to 30 minutes to boot up and sign into VPN.  The way the security on the system is setup, I must use my company's VPN in order to access the Internet.  This also means that I will not have computer access to Facebook since my company blocks it, so the posts may or may not show up there automatically (I manually pull in the posts each morning).  I also don't know exactly where I will be getting a Wi-Fi signal since we are staying in some cabins in the woods.    

I think it is neat to go to a place called the Calvin Center in order to do mission work.  Non-Reformed people have no idea that Calvin was so into missionary work.  Their misunderstanding of predestination leads them to believe that Calvin would have thought missionary work was unnecessary.  Calvin was passionate about evangelism and sending out missionaries to the world.  He was also very serious about training missionaries before sending them out.  He even sent missionaries as far away as Brazil in the 1500's. 

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