Thursday, March 25, 2010

Christ, the Fulfillment of the Covenant

So Calvin has made me do a little wondering this morning.  I wonder, who do the Jewish people believe is the current king in the line of David?  They were promised that David's sons would reign forever.  2 Chronicles 13:5 2 Chronicles 21:7 Psalm 18:50 Psalm 132:11-12.  For Christians it is easy, Christ alone reigns forever.  He is from the lineage of David.  For many years the Israelites were without a home and have been scattered.  They have not had any king, much less one who is a direct descendant of David.  If you know, please share because I am honestly interested. 

This was not Calvin's angle this morning, but just something that came to mind as I was reading.  Calvin made references to many Old Testament passages which point to the coming of Christ and that Christ is the fulfillment of the covenant.  Our trust is to be in Christ alone.  The promise was made to David that his sons would reign forever as mentioned before (Calvin cites 2 Kings 8:19).  Calvin states that his "kingdom would be everlasting...for otherwise there would have been no stability in the covenant!"  Later he states, "In short, to show God merciful, all the prophets were constantly at pains to proclaim that kingdom of David upon which both redemption and eternal salvation depended."  He then cites many Old Testament passages related to the coming of Jesus Christ from the line of David.

"God willed that the Jews should be so instructed by these prophecies that they might turn their eyes directly to Christ in order to seek deliverance."  Those who knew the prophecies should recognize the fulfillment of them in Christ.  Calvin writes, "...apart from Christ the saving knowledge of God does not stand.  From the beginning of the world he had consequently been set before all the elect that they should look unto him and put their trust in him."  Finally, writing about those who claim to know God but they do not know Christ, Calvin writes, "Accordingly, because they did not hold Christ as their Head, they possessed only a fleeting knowledge about God."  Without the Mediator it becomes impossible to receive God's mercy.  He concludes this thought by writing that the Turks claim to know God, but they ignore Christ.  Therefore they substitute an idol in place of the one true God.

Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father either; he who acknowledges the Son has the Father also.
1 John 2:23
Tomorrow's reading: 2.7.1-2.7.5

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