Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pref Address 5-6

Calvin obviously had enough of man's customs in the church. He attacked them as a whole in this reading. Man's custom goes against God's truth. He believed that there was a lack of reverence for God. He also wrote that just because a group of people fall into wickedness, it does not make that wickedness good or even acceptable. Oh, how nothing has changed in the 450 years since these words were written.

The signs of a true church are pure preaching and the lawful administration of the sacraments. Calvin really addresses this in book 4 of the Institutes, but he makes a statement here about it too. The church is not found in certain buildings or certain organizational structures. Calvin even makes arguments that clergy can err and have erred. He even cites Old Testament passages to support these claims such as when Aaron built a golden calf for the people to worship. He even cited a 15th century scandal involving the Pope, a cardinal-bishop, and the Holy Roman Emperor to support his claims.

It is still early this morning - before 6am on a Saturday. The cats decided that 5am was a good time for everyone to be up this morning. I may have a second cup of Emeril's Big Easy Bold coffee then finish the prefatory address. I am ready to move on to book 1 of the Institutes.

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